graphic design


Graphic design, as a subject that you have never dwelt on this much before, is actually a very wide field of study. With this art branch, you can do an intense photography work if you want, or you can set up very creative websites. Even all the magazines and newspapers you read today, as well as corporate identity studies, are produced by graphic designers.

Graphic Designer Or Designer Graphic Artist?

Another term that is very confused among the people is exactly this. Because although it consists of only two words, its meaning is almost intertwined. So let’s start by saying that we are working with graphic designers in terms of graphic design. In other words, we work with people who have received university-level education in this business and now know what they are doing. On the other hand, the designer graphic artist is used for people who have more machine knowledge and whose design aspect is not dominant. So, given that they both work on the same computer programs, it is of course the graphic designer that is attractive to us.

Graphic Design and Web Design

As you know, they are two branches of business that have common aspects but are far from each other. For this reason, we wanted to take a closer look.

Graphic designers generally work in 2D programs and are actively involved in advertising production. Therefore, the outer packaging of the box is responsible for them.

Web designers, on the other hand, perceive 1 and 0s according to different origins and do a written work with machine languages. This job is actually another form of expression of writing code. So it is possible to say that they also designed the contents of the box.

With these theses, we can say that the common feature of both is the same box. But if you can’t ask a web designer if it’s blue or pink, you can’t ask a graphic designer whether it’s HTML or CSS. It would be pointless. They have a hard time making decisions because they are not in their interests. As a result, they are different from each other. When one looks at the website, it will evaluate the lines and the photos used, while the other will query the backlinks and scripts.